Rate My Excel is the fast, free and fun way to objectively assess your spreadsheet skills. Choose any short quiz or challenge from our ever-growing catalog to start building your ExcelScore and unlocking achievements.


Quiz Example

Here is a question from one of our many Excel quizzes. The intuitive Excel assessment interface shows your progress through the question set and lets you mark individual questions for later review.

In addition to quizzes assess your Excel skills with fun challenges. A little more hands-on than the theoretical quiz, challenges are accompanied by half-finished spreadsheets that must be completed before answering questions.

There is a time limit on all quizzes and challenges ranging from 6 minutes for short quizzes to 15 minutes for in-depth challenges.

Excel Quiz Screenshot

Here’s what a typical quiz question looks like. Easy peasy, right?


 The Results Page

After completing a quiz or challenge you will see your score versus the average and a short message letting you know if you received a passing score. Passing scores come with an Unlock Achievement code that will add to your ExcelScore and be visible on your profile. On the results page you can also view which questions were correct and incorrect.

The top scores from each quiz and challenge will be displayed on Leaderboards for the world to see.

Excel Quiz Screenshot

The results page shows your Excel quiz score and instructions to unlock your achievement if you passed.



The Benefits of Being a Registered User

  • Access to post and create topics on the user forums
  • Ability to unlock achievements and add to your ExcelScore
  • Keep up with your friends’ activity

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