Rate My Excel’s Back – Alright!

Big Changes Afoot at Rate My Excel

I spent yesterday afternoon taking the site back from spammers. Over the past two years they added over 32,000 fake groups, which got my site highly ranked on Google for for Spanish language tips on exterminating bed bugs. There’s something to brag about in the Christmas newsletter!

As of today Rate My Excel is officially back to being focused on the best free Excel skills assessments and spreadsheet tips and tricks.  In the next few weeks you’ll see new quizzes on formulas, Excel 2016 and possibly VBA. And also new articles on best practices with VBA and the new Excel functions like IFS(), TEXTJOIN() and MAXIFS().

It’s going to be an exciting time. Unless you’re here because of a bed bug infestation, in which case lo siento para su mala suerte.


How To Bulk Delete Groups From WordPress

There’s no way to mass delete Groups from your WordPress page. The workaround is to install the Bulk Delete plug-in and mass delete the users that created the groups. Deleting users deletes all content they have created. If you don’t have that many rogue groups you can click on Screen Options in the upper right of your page and change the setting to show (and delete) 250 groups at a time.