We reluctantly admit there non-Excel assessment methods available to improve your spreadsheet skills. Here are some of the best.


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Top Excel Shortcut CheatSheet – Download and print out this helpful one pager and post it next to your monitor.

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Chandoo – Chandoo is like visiting your favorite bookstore. You pop in for five minutes and five hours later you look up from your 100th tutorial or dashboard contest and realize you forgot why you came. Chandoo has the best tutorials, cheat sheets and practical tips for beginner to intermediate users.


Excel Is Fun – This YouTube account has over 2,000 videos devoted to spreadsheet mastery. Everything you could ever want is here and in video form.


Mr. Excel – Mr. Excel is where you end up when googling for a solution to that one Excel problem. You’re confident no one else on earth has ever seen your problem before until you notice it’s been answered multiple times on the Mr. Excel forums.


Excel Daily News – The top spreadsheet news and tips from around the web in one spot. Run by Bill Jelen and friends.


Daily Dose of Excel – Plain and simple Excel tips and tutorials. VBA heavy content for intermediate to advanced users.


Bacon Bits – Bacon Bits features both Excel and Access tricks. Has been heavy into PowerPivot lately. Great content for confirmed Excel nerds and advanced users.


Excel Blog – This creatively named Excel Blog is exactly that. Run by Microsoft, it hosts occasional informative webinars and product announcements.


PowerPivotPro – All PowerPivot, all the time. What could be better?


VizWiz – the blog for “data visualization done right.” Cure your sad addiction to exploding pie charts here.


Contextures – the blog name sounds like a new age-y school that doesn’t believe in grades. In fact it’s an Excel blog and collection of Excel tips.


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Will fill in more competitions as I stumble across them.


ModelOff – The world financial modeling championships. Happens in October with live finals in in New York City. Entry fee is $35 with a grand prize of $30,000. One of the judges is Mr. Excel himself, Bill Jelen.

Spreadsheet Guru Contest – happens every March as part of the INFORMS conference. A test of head-to-head individual spreadsheet skills in data analysis and presentation, entry fee is $25.