About Rate My Excel

Rate My Excel - World's Best Excel Hiring Assessments

Rate My Excel enables hiring managers to easily test candidates' actual Excel skills during the interview.

Rate My Excel helps companies quickly vet candidates' on the job Excel skills with our fully automated testing platform. A hiring manager can remotely test up to ten candidates by email invite. Scoring is instant and includes a custom score report comparing candidates and attached workbooks with real samples of their work. Assessment categories include Core Skills, Data Analytics (Intermediate), Accounting and Financial Modeling.

Why Use Excel Hiring Tests?

Many careers involve working with spreadsheets for hours each day. Hiring someone with the right Excel skills can give your team a huge leg up. An expert can accomplish in minutes what a novice does in an hour. That level of proficiency with cleaning and analyzing data frees up time for providing valuable business insights.

But how to identify these Excel experts during the job interview? A typical interview involves asking a candidate's skill level and moving on. But with no standardized skill levels, it's possible for someone shaky with copying and pasting to call themselves an advanced Excel user in a job interview without a trace of irony. That's where Excel hiring tests come in. It's the fast way to stack your candidates against each other and hire with confidence.

The Rate My Excel Advantage

Speed - There's no sales team, quoting process or training in between you and testing candidates. Simply purchase the best Excel assessment for you and invite candidates via your personal cloud-based dashboard. Be up and running in minutes.
Instant Reporting - The score report is automatically updated and a notification email sent out when a new Excel assessment is completed.
See Actual Work Samples - Each candidate will complete a hands-on case study that you can review in the report. There are many ways to solve problems with Excel and seeing someone's unique approach is very insightful.
Fully Remote Testing - Candidates are invited via email and can complete the test from virtually any computer. The tests are all web-based with no software downloads required.
Useful, Unbiased Testing - Test the skills needed on the job every day - VLOOKUPs, pivot tables, keyboard shortcuts and troubleshooting. No esoteric questions on adjusting settings in Excel 97.
Only Excel Assessments - Excel is what we are passionate about. We're focused on providing great Excel assessments that can predict a candidates' success on the job. It's harder to do that while offering every possible flavor of assessment.
No Subscriptions - Pay only for the tests you use. No monthly subscriptions, account set-up fees or hidden add-on costs.
100% Money Back Guarantee - Not satisfied with Rate My Excel for any reason? Or life got in the way and you never used it? Contact us and we'll be happy to issue you a full refund.
Stellar Support - We're available via chat, email and phone to answer any questions.