Top 52 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

November 12, 2022

Introducing Rate My Excel's Free Shortcuts List

There are thousands of possible keyboard shortcuts in Excel but the good news is that you can boost your spreadsheet speed and efficiency by learning just a handful. Download Rate My Excel's free Top 52 Excel Shortcuts cheat sheet today, print it out and hang it next to your monitors. And whether you call them shortcuts or hot keys, in no time you'll be on your well to becoming an advanced Excel user.

What's the Fastest Way to Learn New Shortcuts?

The fastest way to learn new Excel shortcuts is to review this list for common spreadsheet commands that you use every day and select two. At first, just practice using the shortcut in a blank Excel workbook. Then, work as normal but make a concerted effort to use your two new shortcuts. Once those have been committed to muscle memory, select another two new Excel shortcuts and repeat. Within a few days you'll be amazed at your progress learning Excel keyboard shortcuts.

Excel Shortcut PDF Preview