Check Out Wordle In Excel

November 12, 2022

Made with 100% standard Excel - no VBA

Download the Workbook for Free

Have you ever wanted to play Wordle, but didn't want to spend too much time away from Excel? Today is your lucky day!

How Does It Work?

A very hidden tab houses the list of 12,000 possible five letter words that can be used as guesses. A second very hidden tabs keeps a randomized list of 2,000 answers. Each day at midnight a new answer is chosen from the list. The list has been randomized to not spoil Wordle answers in the real game.

The board and keyboard use a lot of conditional formatting to track when a letter is a match, an exact match or not a match. Also, the row is highlighted red when a non-valid guess word is entered.

That's a very brief overview. I'll update this post with more of step by step tutorial later on.

In the meantime, please download and enjoy this version of Wordle in Excel.